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Posted on: April 5, 2009 4:22 pm

Apparently, I'm Not The Only One . . .

A while back, I wrote a blog expressing my irritation with the excessive arguing among Packers fans and the rift it caused.  I tried not to be offensive, but I was annoyed by the constant bickering and name calling.  I missed the days when we were all simply Packers fans, no categories attached (Favre-hater or Thompson-lover).  So, when I went to the JSOnline board, a place I frequently visit, I was pleased to read this plea from Greg A. Bedard in his Packers Daily Briefing entry for today (April 5th), which reminded me that I'm not alone:


A small, minor request: Can you all just grow up? Can't Packers Nation come here and just have a respectful debate over the topics of the day? Why does everything have to devolve into name-calling? Is it too much to ask for you all to be adults?

Come on, kids come here to read up on their favorite team. Can you keep that in mind as you decide whether or not to post some of the despicable things your write.

Please, you're Packers fans. Start to act like it, will you? Or move to Detroit.

Couldn't agree more, and this from a professional journalist.  My entire point can be summed up by this "Pause for the Clause": the problem is not that fans disagree; it is that they resort to name calling to make their point.  So, maybe there is some growing to do.  The Packers community could benefit from more respect.  I am sure the types of people I (and Bedard) are referring to remain a minority.  There are many fans who can disagree in a way that does not resort to aggression.  I am just tired of the types described in both mine and Bedard's blog entry.

It is just a relief to read someone articulate my frustrations in such an honest way.  At least, as long as that doesn't make me the bad guy.

Posted on: April 2, 2009 6:52 pm
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Bus Cook Gets His Revenge Against Ted Thompson

It's about time.

After months and months of failed efforts to have Brett Favre sent to a rival opponent, Bus Cook finally found a way to enact his revenge.  He couldn't get Favre on the Vikings, but he did manage the next best thing: he sent "the next Brett Favre" to the Bears.

Why would Bus Cook want revenge though?  Wasn't it Brett Favre who was disgruntled?  Perhaps, but this Cutler situation has me wondering how much of a role he actually plays in these controversies.  This type of national quarterback drama doesn't happen to this extreme every year, except for the last two, both sharing the same agent.  What exactly does Bus Cook tell his clients?

Maybe he tried to push Favre back out of retirement, so that he wouldn't lose his star quarterback.  Maybe he fueled the hatred toward Ted Thompson and convinced Favre he wasn't getting enough attention.  Maybe he pushed Jay Cutler to further incite his anger toward Josh McDaniels and trade talk.  He might have even convinced management that Cutler would never play with the Broncos again (even though, last night, I heard a report saying that Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez spoke to Cutler at an MMA event and he seemed less adament about the trade).  I don't know what is said behind closed doors, but when situations like these happens repeatedly, it becomes a trend.

And it all comes down to Cook's hatred toward Ted Thompson.

Think about it: he must have been upset that Thompson supposedly "pushed" his star, money-making client into retirement.  So, he would have reason to want to fuel Favre's own irritation and encourage him to seek a release so he can play with a rival.  Part one of his revenge was getting the fans to all hate Thompson as much as he did.  Part two was getting a quarterback to challenge the Packers within our division (he seems to like sending his clients to rival teams; look at Steve McNair and his move from the Titans to the Ravens).  That happened when a trade was made to the Bears for Jay Cutler.  Now Favre and Cook can get together, have a drink, and laugh at how they managed to get their revenge.

As Favre might say, they finally managed to stick it to Ted.

Okay, so that sounds crazy, but it kind of makes sense.

Doesn't it?


Posted on: March 28, 2009 10:56 pm
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Week In Review: Whining, Complaining, and Ranting

Since I have decided to be more consistent in my blog entries and hope to have regular posts most days of the week, I thought it would be fun to include a week in review--with a twist.  These posts will not review the events of the week in the world of sports; instead, here I will mock and barate everything I wrote over the last six days.  In other words, this is where I refer back to every serious post and laugh at how intense they actually are.  So, for those of you who rolled your eyes at some of my posts this week, now is my chance to show I understand your pain.  More importantly, it is a chance to apologize and recant some of the statements I might of made rashly.  So, here we go: Installment number one of "Week in Review: Whining, Complaining and Ranting"!

Whining - The other posters on the Packers board bore me; I would rather hide on my blog where I can entertain myself!

So, here's the thing - I overreacted.  I guess here is where I apologize to the posters who don't irritate me to no end.  Those who already know my positions on certain hot button issues (more on that later) know to whom I'm referring.  I have been on those boards since the whole Favre controversy started (and well before that), so I've seen the difference.  Packers' fans are split and some posters can be rude against those with opposing positions.  It is irritating fighting a pointless fight.  But it is still pathetic on my part to write a blog compaining about this while being too cowardly to return to the boards and continue discussing with the Packers' community, no matter how split it is.  I'll be back (whether you like it or not).  Oh, and on a lighter note (that is the point of this blog entry), I sure chose a stupid opening blog to begin regular entries.  Apparently, I attack those who contribute to the Packers' board and expect them to read my rants?  I'm a joke.  Oh, and very boring.  Maybe I should have just said that to begin with.  In summary, I'm boring, the Packers board is not, and fighting over the same topic for years to come is more entertaining than my complaining about it.  Not fun.  But eventful.

Complaining - Excessive Penalties are bad; but too many games is worse.  This just in from the NFL--athletes are sissies!

Totally right here, but I doubt many read this after I insulted them with my last post.  In short, fun is lacking with all these rules and ironies of how saftey is supposedly more effective when calling excessive fouls than when adding more wear-and-tear of a longer schedule.  That line made absolutely no sense, but I don't care.  Read the blog or find something more productive to do, whatever that may be.  You know, for all this talk about fun, I certainly don't know how to have it.  This is probably my most boring post yet.  At least I scared away any potential readers before they even reached this.

"My opinion matters," says the guy who told those who have opposing views to shut up .

Here is where I act like my readers deserve to know my position on everything.  Frankly, I doubt you will get very many follow up entries.  I don't keep promises that well.  So, to the few people who actually care, be prepared for disappointment.  Doesn't matter, though, since the one reader who probably actually follows this blog is already disappointed.  That's right, I disappoint myself.

For those of you keeping track, my attempt at humor so far has focused on how no one cares about what I write.  That doesn't mean you are a nobody if you are reading this blog.  It just means I don't know how to be funny.

Ranting - Big names don't mean big talent, just a name on a jersey.  A name that is famous.  Yeah, I pull for the underdog.

Did you know the NFL has talent outside of popular players?  You do?  Then why did I bother to write this blog?  (By the way, this is essentially my position on free agency, though I will repeat myself later.  It's what I do.  I'm a broken record, and yet I still like to accuse everyone else of being the boring ones).

People I talked about over the last week (you know, so I can raise my score; creative, right?  Oh, it's not?)

Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Jay Cutler, Albert Haynesworth, Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson, Duke Preston, Josh McDaniels, Me

Teams I mentioned (same reason)

Redskins, Packers, Titans, Broncos

Reviewing the Review

In the blog you are reading now, I wasted your time by promising to deliver a fun entry about how boring I am.  You could have come up with better things yourself.  If anyone actually reads this, feel free to comment below and hopefully, you can be funnier than I am (or at least more interesting).

Until next week . . .

Posted on: March 26, 2009 11:20 pm
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What Do You Know? . . . Teddy Signs Someone

Wait, how can this be?  Did Ted Thompson actually sign a free agent?  Impossible.  He never finds anyone to fill a need.  Unless we were looking for an offensive linemen.  Maybe one who is versatile, athletic, and can play all three linemen positions.  We were?  I wonder if that is Duke Preston?

Never heard of him? So what.  It doesn't matter.

And that is the point.

General Managers in the NFL have a tendency to overpay big name free agents in the first week.  A prominent example is the recent Albert Haynesworth signing by the Redskins, 100 million over seven years.  Is he a good player?  Of course.  Can he ever live up to that.  No.  Simply put, he will have to perform better than he did with the Titans to deserve that.  He could have an injury that limits his play or not play up to his contract, preferring to enjoy his newfound paycheck.  There are no guarantees, even with recognizable names (who can sometimes be a product of the system).

Management just tend to be enchanted by players.  During the first wave and the scramble to sign the free agents everyone wants (including fans). many organizations don't consider the consequence (mainly, overpaying name talents).  This year proves that it can also damage relationship.  It was Josh McDaniels devotion to Matt Cassel and desire to have him on the team that resulted in the current rift with Jay Cutler.  Was there a better way to handle this?  Maybe.  But not all is understood.  The problem is McDaniels got too swept up by the opening week of free agency (in fact, looking at the players signed by the Broncos, the entire team did) and he didn't consider the consequences.  Now he has to worry about damage control.

Is this always the case?  Of course not.  But Ted Thompson doesn't get overly affected by the scramble of the first week.  He is patient, to the irritation of a lot of fans.  But I don't think that is a bad thing.

Believe it or not, there are good athletes that are ignored in favor of the big names.  Just because a player is just not as famous doesn't mean they can't fill a need.  Sometimes, the players that still haven't made are a better choice, since they still have the drive to prove themselves.  They haven't "made it", like Haynesworth, so they keep playing in an effort to grow.  Not having a big name can mean a better team player.

So, now that the rest of the NFL threw away their money on the hyped players, Ted Thompson can calmly pick out impact players that were ignored.  And if he finds players who make a difference, even if their jerseys aren't readily available, suddenly, he is a genius.

Hopefully that is the case for Duke Preston!

Posted on: March 25, 2009 1:52 am
Edited on: March 25, 2009 1:52 am

Explaining My Positions

Dear Faithful Blog Readers (If You Exist),

In a recent blog, I expressed my irritation with the redundancy of posts on the Packers message board and my concern about the rift created among the fans.  I concluded that I probably won't contribute much to said board for a while, mainly because I was tired of the arguments.  However, I've decided that, since I have such strong opinions on these much debated topics, there is no reason why I should silence myself.  What better place is there to express my opinion without extensive conflict then on my blog?  I can express my views so the community can understand them, which might open up to participation in the Packers board without having to repeat my position every time.  I can just refer them to my blog.  You are free to disagree and post your response, but I can leave my statement as it is and not reciprocate.  Essentially, I can bring the debate to my home turf, gain home field advantage.  Maybe my words will go ignored, but at least I can make my thoughts available, whatever they are worth.  In the coming days or weeks, I will cover such frequently treaded topics such as Ted Thompson, Free Agency, the Draft, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, the new 3-4 scheme, and the coaching staff.  Essentially, they will be all the usual hot spots (mostly mentioned in my earlier blog).  Most of these topics were already covered in posts on multiple threads (quite frequently), but this will provide a home for these thoughts to reside.  I hope they are interesting and insightful.  Feel free to comment.



Posted on: March 23, 2009 5:49 pm
Edited on: March 25, 2009 1:29 am

Discussing Packers Football Is Not Fun Anymore

Edit: this blog in no way promotes censorship.  People are free to post what they want.  This is just an honest explanation as to why I have been absent from the Packers board for a while, and not a complaint.  Read it with this in mind: people have the right to think and write what they want; my position is that the disagreement seems too much of a rift among the fans and the arguing is often uncivil.  I just hope for a truce.

It has been a while since I last posted on the Packers message board; in fact, I haven't even looked at the board for nearly as long.  The reason why I am now writing a blog after a long period of silence is because it is the only place I feel I can openly express my opinions without the threat of a negative response.  This is not to suggest that I am not willing to debate a point (I'm not afraid of a little conflct); I'm just tired of it.  The arguments are getting old and they seem to be the only ones I find on the Packers board.  Without even glancing at the message board, I can guess what the topics are:

Ted Thompson is a horrible general manager

                            Will we ever sign a free agent?

                                       This free agent is worth considering

                                                   Brett Favre, Brett Favre, How I Love Thee . . .

                                                            Aaron Rodgers can't win close games (or that he sucks)

                                                                       The 3-4 defense will be awful next year or

                                                                                 The 3-4 defense is the right direction for this team

                                                                                                                     Who Thompson should draft

                                                                                                                              Resigning Bush was a stupid move

                                                                                                                            Oh, and of course, fire TT and MM

Some of these topics are common to most boards, but it is not necessarily the general subject matter that irritates me.  The problem I have is with the division among Packers fans.  You are either a Favre hater or a Thompson lover.  Or, you are not a true Packers fan.  Whatever the case, no longer does it seem that the Packers board is a safe place to simply show your support for the team.  In fact, it seems more people want the team to fail and root against them.  I could probably have more civil conversations with fans of the Packers rivals.  The question is "when will Packers fans ever move past this controversy and learn to put the team first?"  It won't happen.  I expect it to be a battle among the Packers community.  No one will win and no one will admit wrong, no matter how the team does in the future.

Simply Put: the Packers board is just not that fun anymore (unless you enjoy the futile debates).  It seems impossible to have a light-hearted conversation about the Packers without conflict.  Will that happen?  I hope so.  It would be nice to participate on the threads again.

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